Cold Front Part 5: Team Edit

February 6, 2012    

The Endeavor Snowboards team edit featuring the majority of the Endeavor Team: Kevin Griffin Petter Kristiansen Kareem El Rafie Johnny…

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Cold Front Part 4: Risto FML

January 11, 2012    

ENDEAVOR SNOWBOARDS “COLD FRONT – PART 4: RISTO FML” VANCOUVER, BC January 9, 2012 – Endeavor Snowboards presents Cold Front,…

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January 10, 2012    

Check out Endeavor’s Petter Kristiansens opening part from Process Films “A Shot in the Dark” Music Grand Island – Light,…

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New 8mile Vid “Vacay” is Out!

November 24, 2011    

8mile Vacay Presented by Monster Energy and Snowboard Canada. In Cahoots with Airhole Ninja Masks, DC Snowboarding, Endeavour Snowboards,….

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Kareem & Halldor in Stubai, Austria

November 2, 2011    

Kareem went to Stubai, Austria for some pre-season riding with Halldor. Check the fun edit!

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Meggs for Endeavor

October 31, 2011    

Street, graffiti and fine artist Meggs, of Melbourne Australia, has left his mark on Endeavor Snowboard’s Vancouver design office with…

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Andy Nudds at the Dragon kicker

August 30, 2011    

Endeavor’s Andy Nudds headed off to throw down on a gigantic Norwegian booter back in May? Now, at last, the…

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Airhole Commercial is out!

August 18, 2011    

Our friends over at have release a new Commercial for the upcoming winter collection. These guys know how to…

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8mile VACAY teaser

August 4, 2011    

The new teaser for 8mile’s fourth movie just dropped, and apparently so did Dustin Craven’s pants for a sand angel……

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July 6, 2011    

Check out some of the Endeavor AM’s Jake Fine, Cody Wilson and friends up at Camp of Champs “Session A”…

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